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At 34 years old, I’ve tried many times to find truth, love, happiness, comfort, and fulfillment out there in the world…through achievement, social media, tv/movies/video games, relationships, etc.

Over and over, I expected too much and I was reminded that these most precious experiences I’ve been longing for can only be found within. I had to find the love, joy, happiness, and freedom inside of me, not as an effect of something happening in the world, but as a way of being, as a choice, an attitude. I found the greatest treasures in life, by getting to know my Self, getting to know my heart and Soul, the vibration and beingness that we all are.

This Music + Inspiration was created from that place of love and joy and Spirit inside of me, and my greatest hope is that it inspires, uplifts, heals, and moves you in ways that are aligned with your highest good and your True Self.

Bless us All on this Crazy Beautiful Journey called Life.

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