I may be most known for doing dance music toplines and now I’m so grateful to be clear that I want to share all the things I love, whether it be dance music, pop, acoustic or a cover of a song from one of my fav animated films, Disney ‘s ‘The Lion King’
What’s the point of trying to conform to what other people want? Likes? Money? Success? Acknowledgement?
I don’t know anything as fulfilling as following the beat of your own heart, finding what really matters, connecting to that place of truth and living/doing/creating from that place.
I also find that when I create from an authentic place, Spirit and Love and all that good stuff is most present. That’s where the power is.
I hope you enjoy this beautiful song as my experience is that it captures an aspect of the human experience that we all share.

I fell in Love with Maggie Rogers’ authenticity and voice when I first heard it and have been wanting to cover one of her songs for a while (and perhaps a duet someday:). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

This song is about the Beauty of who we are - it is my experience that we all are Divine Souls having a human #experience.
When we let go of our limitations, misbeliefs, illusions of identification, etc, what’s left is this essence, this truth, this power that is Love, that is God/Source/Spirit. The word doesn’t matter.
What it actually is is what matters and who we are is experiential.
It cannot be defined by labels or words or colors or shapes or form of any is beyond definition as are we. It is in the field that Rumi says is “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing.” It is in the Oneness, the togetherness, the Loving.
I hope you get a sense of this truth and this beauty of who you are by listening to this song. And if you forget, I hope it can serve as a reminder :)